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What Is ADA Compliance?

ADA Compliance is the abbreviation for Americans with Disability Act Standards for Accessible Design, which simply means that all the information technology, whether electronic or websites, should be accessible to people with disabilities. 

According to a report by WHO, 15% of the population suffering from some disabilities face problems in their daily lives, including online shopping and web browsing. To cite the requirements of web accessibility, World Wide Consortium has developed ground rules for Web Content Accessibility. WCAG is the technical term made mainly to guide web developers on making an ADA compliant website. The government has accepted these standards worldwide and now stands as an essential part of various legislation, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 508, and EN 301549.  


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ADA Compliance Service

Cognitive Disability Profile

This feature boasts assistive features that help visitors suffering from mental disabilities, such as attention deficit disorder (ADD), dyslexia, and autism, focus on the essential page elements and complete their desired action. We use search engines, such as Wiktionary and Wikipedia, to make your content more understandable and help users search through your website correctly.

Blind User Support

Toto Dream Marketing's AI tools analyze your website component to give screen readers essential and meaningful data. Our website ADA compliant software adjusts it accordingly to make it compatible with screen readers, such as JAWS, VoiceOver, NVDa, and Talkback.

Visually Impaired Profile

Our ADA compliant specialist works on your site visuals and makes them usable for visually impaired people. We make sure that your online content is suitable for screen readers, make hyperlinks stand out for the color blind, join text with links and use coding standards to ensure headings are correctly nested.

Keyboard Navigation

Many people depend on a keyboard to access the web. At Toto Dream Marketing, we enhance your website's keyboard accessibility to make sure that all the functions are available through the keyboard that is available through the mouse.

Color Adjustments

Another option for online users is color adjustment settings. The visitors can adjust the contrast and saturation level according to their comfort. They can also change the text, title, and background colors for an optimum online experience.

Seizure Safe Profile

Page content that flashes, flickers, or blinks, like video and animations, can trigger photosensitive epilepsy. Toto Dream Marketing's compliance software removes flashes and reduces colors from the website to make it a go-to platform for people suffering from epileptic and seizure-prone.

Orientation Adjustments

Our ADA Compliance tools ensure that the online users accommodate your content according to the user's preferable orientation. Site viewers will get the choice to hide images, mute sounds, and permit the reading mask, select between a big black or white cursor and utilize a virtual keyboard.

ADHD Friendly Profile

Our ADA compliance software removes the distractions from your website to help people suffering from neurodevelopmental disorder browse, read, and focus on the critical content. The ADHD-friendly profile articles a reading mask that gives enough time to access and collaborate with your page content.

Content Adjustments

If you utilize ADA compliant tools, viewers have the option to make other changes to your site content to match their requirements and disabilities. The visitors can change the text alignments, change the font size and line height, aggravate texts, highlight titles and links and even alter the letter spacing and font size.

What Is The Need Of ADA Compliant Website

Accessibility To Everyone

Many people worldwide are suffering from some or other disability, and they need information from online sources and have technological needs that deserve better attention and awareness. An ADA Compliant website gives visitors equal chances to access their online content and make a wise decision.

Long-term Profitability

The websites that are ADA compliant enhance your bottom line and advertise customer loyalty. Even with the lower overall salary, disabled people are responsible for spending billions of dollars in spending powers. According to a report by the American Institute of Research, marketing practices and ADA compliance helps businesses to enter into the purchasing power of around 20 million U.S. mid-age adults facing some disabilities. There is a disposable income of about $490 billion for Disabled U.S. adults. The more you wait to make an inclusive online involvement, the more you will lose your rivals’ conversion chances and revenue streams.

Competitive Advantage
Many businesses ignore the person with disabilities, forgetting that this group only does 10% of total online spending. ADA Website Compliance is an essential part of you staying ahead in the business. Improve access to your product and services and safeguard your brand with ADA Compliance lawsuits by knowing how to build an ADA compliant website. Get your rivalry edge with Toto Dream Marketing’s ADA services. 
Adherence To The Law
This law saves disabled people from discrimination across establishments and platforms, and websites are no exception. In 2017, 7,633 ADA website Compliance lawsuits were reported, and the number grew gradually in 2018. If you are an owner of an eCommerce website or a business with a physical store, then there are more chances of your getting charged if you don’t fulfill the expectations of WordPress guidelines of ADA Compliance. If you ask the question,” How to make my website ADA compliant?” to the right expert, then you will save substantial money. And obviously, it is better than hiring an attorney and make a visit to court for ADA compliant case.  
Positive Online Reputation
A Click away pound study survey found that only 11 % of disabled people would ask for help from their friends or family if they face any access barrier. This implies that most disabled people who are buying or browsing online will click away and search out an ADA Compliant Website when they cannot access your website. The things on the Internet spread like fire, so only a review or one recommendation can spoil your brand’s name. Having an ADA compliant website is one of the best ways to attract more customers to your website, and it will also expand your online reach. Also, maintaining an ADA compliant website will save your online reputation, making you a go-to business for your targeted customers and their friends and relatives.  

Advantages Of ADA Compliance

Automatic Scans

Our ADA Compliance tools scan your website every 24 hours for any new site update or any possible error. Once it detects any glitch, the AI tool solves it automatically so that your page visitors have a seamless online experience. Our team also reviews your website every month so that we can fix the error if the AI tool has missed it.

Multi-language Support

Our ADA compliance software supports multiple languages, including Dutch, Spanish, and French. This feature can help many people get the information they need with different disabilities and live in different locations through your website.

Customizable Widget

Alter your user interface and design elements, empower screen reader and keyboard navigation, and tailor-made the widget settings to match your brand. Toto Dream Marketing's ADA compliance professionals combine all the features into our tools and make sure your website is WCAG compliant.

High Success Rate

Our ADA compliance tools enhance the highest success rate in the industry. It performs through ADA compliant website tests and rectifies ADA errors that it identifies. Our ADA compliance software gives 95% of the required WCAG compliance.

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Why Choose Us For ADA Compliance Service?

ADA Compliance FAQ 'S

If your website is not ADA accessible, you are responsible for that. A lawsuit can be charged against your company if people having disabilities cannot work on your website. Even if you didn't have any intention like that, then you might have to pay thousands of dollars in lawsuits. This is the reason your should know - 

  • What is ADA compliance? 
  • Who is affected by ADA compliance? 
  • How to become ADA compliant?


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