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Content Writing

Content Writing is a crucial element to get traffic on your website. It is a process of planning, writing, and editing web content, mainly for the digital marketing process. It combines writing blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, as well as content for particular platforms, like tweetstorms on Twitter or texts posts on Reddit.


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Our Content Writing Service

Editing & Proofreading

Editing is the first thing that you do as soon as you finish drafting. You revise your draft to check whether the paper is appropriately managed, the shift between the paragraphs is nicely done, and your proofs back up your statement. The final stage of editing is proofreading, with has the main focus is on surface errors, like wrong spellings and grammar mistakes. The proofreading should only be done when all of the other editing revision is done.

Original Content

The content that we will write for your website will be original and it will be plagiarism-free. Toto Dream Marketing’s tools will be used to check the plagiarism, and the content would be uploaded only if the content is plagiarism-free.

Professional Content Specialist

Our team consists of Professional Content writers who will be writing SEO Content for your website. It will gradually rank your website higher than before.

Topic Pitching & Ideation

Our team members will come up with ideas and strategies for your website content on their own and will discuss every step with you.


After finishing the piece of content, the content would be revised by two people, and it would proofread after that.

Content Satisfaction

The content would be sent to you before uploading, and you can tell us without any hesitation if you need anything modifications that are to be made.

Satisfactory Pricing

The pricing of our company is affordable. Customer satisfaction plays a vital role for us, and we would never ask for any extra charges.

Content Writing FAQ 'S

There are 12 types of content writing- 

  • SEO Content Writing 
  • Technical Writing 
  • Communication and Marketing Writing 
  • Publication Based and Editorial Writing 
  • Instructional Design 
  • Research and Report Writing 
  • Writing on Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Feature Writing 
  • Business Writing 
  • Press Release Writing 
  • Ghostwriting 
  • Copywriting


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