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What is eCommerce optimization

eCommerce optimization is basically the combination that will enhance your site and convert your visitors to leads. The structure of your website, navigation, content, or product description should have just one target to get your visitors to buy a product from you. Without performing CRO analysis, it is really difficult to know what needs the alteration and changes. As we are an experienced firm, we can change your web design which will automatically improve your customer’s experience.


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Our eCommerce Optimization Service

Keyword Research

Get to know your customers better and tap into your potential market segments. At Toto Dream Marketing, we devote ourselves to Google Keywords Planner and other keywords planned tools. These platforms allow us to build your authority around high-performing search terms and niche keywords.

Page Optimization

Page optimization is basically of two types-On-page optimization and Off-page optimization. So, on-page optimization is basically what you do on your own website and individual pages SEO techniques pages to get more traffic on your page. And off-page optimization refers to actions done to affect your site's trustworthiness and authority by building the correct inbound links and social signals.

Site Layout & Structure

The terms structure and layout are often confused as same, or even sometimes they are exchanged with each other. Site structure is mainly how the content of your site is coordinated. A website has much off-topic content, so site structure basically deals with how those topics are shown to the viewers. The advantage of getting your content in a well-structured way is that users can navigate adequately, and Google can index your URL correctly. The site layout is basically a framework that tells the website's structure. It shows the critical content in the middle and in the center.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an excellent way to create brand awareness, enhance your organic traffic, make online creditability, and get reliable to customers. It is often told by companies that you will be able to see the results within four-six weeks, but it can take up to four-six months as SEO is constantly developing. According to a study by Ahref, 5.7% of web pages come in the top 10 organic search results for one keyword in a year of publishing. Now, the fact that is astonishing is that even those top-performing web pages took two-six months to come in the top 10. SEO consumes time. For this reason, many marketers confiding totally on organic search fail to reach their marketing goals within the demonstrated timeline. If you want an online marketing approach that extends complete control, gives flexibility and promises on-the-spot results, pay-per-click is the option for you.

eCommerce Optimization FAQ

There are three primary forms of e-commerce. These include business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer, and business-to-business.

  • Business-to-Customers: This term refers to the process of selling the products from the manufacturer to the customer directly, without any middleman. 
  • Consumer-to-Consumer: It is an e-commerce practice in which the consumers buy and sell goods with the help of the Internet.  
  • Business-to-Business: It is e-commerce based on Internet-based data or the exchange of products between the companies.


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