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What is eCommerce SEO?

There was a very thin line between traditional and digital marketing. The studies show that 63% of shopping occasions begin online. This implies that no matter whether the customer is purchasing online or from a brick-mortar store, their online experience is the deciding factor whether they will go to that brand or not. 

Over the years, online shopping has changed drastically. This resulted in the closure of many physical stores for traditional retailers. In the year 2019, there were the closures of 7,062 physical stores across the U.S. retails chain. If this continues in the future as well, there is a possibility that malls will not be a place for shopping. 


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Our eCommerce SEO Services

Keyword Research & Optimization

Our eCommerce SEO experts build keywords that will increase your online visibility and also attract more leads. We perform customer and competition analyses to determine the most relevant keyword searches. Our SEO optimization team also uses the latest tools and analytics to analyze keyword search volume and ranking difficulty.

eCommerce PPC

Get to your targeted audience and get leads as soon as possible. Our eCommerce advertising firm is made to get you traffic and convert your leads into sales. We do thorough keyword research and auditing, make landing pages and make ads that will bring spotlight your value proposition.

Local SEO

Keep your products in front of your target market with the help of our Local SEO service. We coordinate everything from on-page and off-page optimization, Google My Business listing, online reputation management, and local citation building; increase traffic on your online store with the help of Toto Dream Marketing.

Technical SEO

The usability of the site can be enhanced with the help of SEO for eCommerce. To build your site's structure, we use the best Google Tools. Implementation of schema markup, fixation of technical issues, enhancement of the speed of your site, and editing your product details page is done by our SEO professionals to bring more traffic to your website.

eCommerce Web Design

We are guaranteed Shopify associates. This implies that we can use the exclusive deals which will bring more leads to your online store. We make it simple for the users to search through your website. We also use high-quality images.

Email Marketing Automation

We help you in driving more sales and repeat customers through email marketing automation. As a reputable eCommerce SEO Company, we make personalized emails based on customer's interests and purchases. Our SEO specialists make responsive, well-designed emails, test your email marketing campaigns, and keep in touch with your loyal customers.

Content Writing

Attract and convert customers with the right SEO web content. At Toto Dream Marketing, our writers are skilled in creating content for online stores in various industries. Our team includes people who are professionals in writing content for product pages and its description, inspect the responses, and guest blogs, along with the other types of content.

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eCommerce Marketing FAQ'S

Ecommerce marketing is mainly advertising your online store or physical store to capable customers via different marketing channels. The main goal is to reach those people and make them visit your store and get them to buy products from you. When this happens, it has the following pros- 

  1. You will entice traffic to your website. 
  2. Your traffic would be converted to leads. 
  3. And your leads will get converted to traffic. 


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