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Social Media Paid Advertising

Social Media Advertising brings the majority of the leads to your business if compared to another advertising platform. As a social media advertising firm, we utilize social media information to know more about the user information and how they browse on the Internet and on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

Then we utilize those results to make social media advertising strategies that will bring positive outcomes.

  • Twitter promotions are forecasted to higher to 2 billion by 2022. 
  • Facebook ads have higher click-through as compared to any other web ads. 
  • The mobile ad revenue of Instagram is expected to reach $6.84 billion.

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Types Of Social Media Marketing

Instagram Advertising

Instagram ads are the posts or stories that a business pays to promote their services on the user’s feed. They look like a regular post, but they have sponsored labels on the top of it. They can also have a call-to-action button which eventually drives more traffic and converts it into leads.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook gets a lot of information from their users, who enter it knowingly on their profile. So they have a good idea of who users are and what do they like. That is why they can serve highly targeted ads of services and products they are interested in purchasing, sites they might like, or events or show they might attend.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest advertising is a pay-for-placement system that now allows brands to reach over 200 million monthly users on Pinterest today. Pinterest ads contain an image, caption, and link and are displayed in users’ home feeds.

Youtube Advertising

YouTube promotions let you run ads to people who are watching videos on social platforms. There are many types of YouTube ads, start from the banner that is at the bottom of the video content.

Linkedin Advertising

LinkedIn Ads is a B2B promotional barrage, which gives you an edge and an opportunity to connect with the audience who are more involved to keep going down when they are going through their Facebook feeds and see your ad, but who are happy to get involved when they are in business ethos. These ads are not just for B2B companies, but also for B2C companies, nonprofits, universities, and most of the types of organizations can also use these ads for a particular purpose for great success; this also includes the finding of the right applicant for the job opening.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter marketing is a capable tool for companies of every size and structure to get to new customers and to advertise their brands, and connect with other companies. This lets users establish what customers are talking about and how they are responding to their businesses. Twitter plays as a solid base for your business to branch into social platforms. Twitter is a great platform to showcase what your company is doing and reach a large audience where your tweets can promote products and events.

Direct2Consumer(D2C) Social Media Advertising

B2C marketing is dependent on the retailer to fulfill the difference between the seller and consumer, but, in D2C, all the services and products are directly sold to the consumer. D2C removed the choice as your own brand is the ultimate target. D2C marketing lets brands give an established, end-to-end experience because you have complete control over the procedure. Direct communications with buyers mean you can collect the customer information you need to address issues and find out where you need an improvement without your messenger being filled by the middleman.

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Social Media Advertising Benefits

Reach Target Audience
Enhances Brand Awareness
Drives Quality Traffic
Improves Content Visibility
Increases Conversion Rate

Social Media Paid Advertising FAQ'S

Many platforms help us in advertising, but the most popular that would drive you more traffic is- 

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Linkedin 
  • Youtube


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