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What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a website maker that is 38% more powerful than other tools, which meant that 1 out of 3 websites is made with WordPress. This is user-friendly and easy to operate. The development team of WordPress was like-minded, and they all wanted to make a digital space where people could share their stories freely. The team made sure that-
  • The software could be used for free. 
  • The users can broaden or alter the WordPress code and required. 
  •  The users can use the code for business use without any fee charged. 
So, WordPress is an open-source software and content management system: 
  • Website 
  • Enterprise Website 
  • Articles 
  • Letters 

In terms of WordPress, the look and feel of your website are decided by the themes and plugins, like adding a contact form or installing Search Engine Optimization tools. WordPress web designer has the main focus on your branding and visual elements, and on the other hand, WordPress web developer is engaged in code. WordPress websites have many potentialities, but you need a WordPress design expert and a development team to make your imagination a reality. 


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Our WordPress Service

Content Writing

If you ask the platform's early users, "what is WordPress used for," they will tell you about the easy-to-use tool it is primarily known for. Our services include altering your site with written content like blogs and information pages for your products and services. Our design agency demonstrates your brand as a leader through relevant, insightful, and industry-related content.

WordPress SEO

If you ask any WordPress web design agency about the advantages of the platform, most of people will quote saying by Matt Cutts of Google, that WordPress covers 80-90% of your SEO requirements. Your site structure is SEO-friendly, and the role of our development firm is to use tools to enhance search performance. Making and auditing your keyword strategy is central to our WordPress design services.

WordPress Website Hosting

Our competing WordPress website design pricing is binded with top-tier hosting services. WordPress gives freedom to choose a hosting provider- giving a WordPress company more control over the speed of your page. Our WordPress agency only handles WordPress websites, so you can trust our 24/7 auditing to save your site data from threats and give lightning-fast page load times.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO and WordPress web design services go hand-in-hand to make sure your site is mobile-responsive and analyze your website infrastructure for search engine scanning and indexing. Analyzing your header tags, URL structures, image alt attribute, and sitemap for top search performers is part of your WordPress Development. You can expect committed WordPress services from our Technical SEO professionals.

Custom Website Design

If the needs of your website are far beyond the existing WordPress template provider, our agency will make an SEO-friendly tailored theme for you. Your WordPress web designer collaborates with you to understand the functionality you want to get and use the powerful plugins to make it happen- or even we can have a WordPress web developer program a plugin with PHP.

WordPress Maintenance

The maintenance services of WordPress are mandatory. WordPress is similar to any other software; it releases updates to augment the platform's performance, which can alter aspects of your site. You desire our WordPress maintenance services to make sure your site runs perfectly as the platform changes. Our WordPress company makes backups to safeguard our web content.

WordPress Management

We know how to build a WordPress website, and it is often achieved with the help of HTML and CSS. Trust on our WordPress design company for content management and enhance the platform's vast tailoring options.

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WordPress Showcase

What Is The Need For WordPress?

Why Choose Toto Dream Marketing?

Experienced Workforce

Now that you know what WordPress is and what it is used for, all that is left to do is get started. Collaborating with our company will give your best client experience and meaningful outcomes. We drive your online success throughout the professional process and intense client focus. 
  • Our professionals give suggestions based on a complete understanding of your goals. 
  • We define your project report and rally a team that will build your website. 
  • Your project in charge delivers on the WordPress services aligned with your requirements. 
  • You get complete administrative and control over your site. 
  • We stay connected and give our impeccable WordPress support services.

Transparent Reporting

We will keep you updated with the progress of your website. Every action will be discussed with you before bringing it into effect.

We Create Sales Focused Sites

 The best advantage of working with our WordPress web design company is knowing how to get sales. We can add your Digital Marketing needs to your WordPress web design pricing without any problem. To drive more sales on your site, we introduce clear call-to-actions, streamline your page navigation, and does A/B tests that figure your most profitable tactics. 

On-Time Reporting

The Time needed to develop can be as short as four weeks or as long as 20 weeks; this depends on the site’s intricacy. We will never give you false hopes and deliver you the services within the possible and mutually agreed Time. Our company will always meet the development discovery on Time. At Toto Dream Marketing, we value Time and responsiveness, and we give you the work that fulfills your requirements and gives you 100% customer satisfaction.

WordPress FAQ

WordPress is a software developed for everyone, asserting accessibility, performance, safety, and ease to use. We feel great software should work with minimum requirements so that you have a primary focus on sharing your story, by-products, or services without any hesitation.


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