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UI/UX Designing Service

UX and UI designers mix analytical and creative skills to make usable designs and give a great user experience.  So, it is common to exchange UI and UX, but they both are different. 
  • UI(User Interface) design: It is all about what people will see on the website. This is the main reason why UI and Graphic Designers are mistaken as to be the same.
  • UX(User Experience) design has the main focus on finding out how users move through different UI elements. It is all about the flow of the user experience and removing any source of friction during these interactions.

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UI/UX Designing Service

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UI/UX Design Showcase

Our UI Design Process

  • Design References- The designs are made with the help of past designs. These past designs are known as design references. Our team members will use the past designs and will create new designs even more advanced than that.
  • Animation Prototype.
  • UI Guidelines & Kit.
  • Design Review.

Our UI/UX Design Services


UX was more enjoyable when there were fewer rules and frameworks.

Let's call rules principles-

Strategy. There are a lot of techniques embedded in the UX of a solution. The actual stand-out UX works as a crucial part of business strategy and customer experience strategy. The clearer you understand the business strategy you are working with, the superior the UX proposition.

Journey. The most under-utilized aspect of UX, a journey map, provides context to design UX that accounts for the customers/users interactions across channels and touchpoints. While a project may create an App, a UXer is to know that the user has a before, during, and after the experience. Always a journey map.

Paper. UX software cannot keep up with how fast your brain twitches, so always ideate and prototype on paper. For hours if you want and after the first pass of design on paper, refine and repeat on paper, go to software as late as you can. Paper Prototyping = Brain Twitching Speeds.

Software. Learn them all, and don't believe that knowing the hot app today will be the hot app tomorrow. Sketch today, gone tomorrow. To this day, software like Axure is a simple UX program, features like embedded states that change based on inputted variables gives a UXer a prototype that can test scenarios. Soon, hopefully, Sketch and AdobeXD will have only form and variable functionality.

Words. Use actual specific language in UX prototypes, using lorem ipsum or poorly constructed wording will limit the usefulness of a prototype. Language is a part of the UX. Start writing with actual content, and your user testing will start giving you ideas on how to use the content as UX. Plus, stakeholders get held up on words in wireframes, which distracts from the purpose of the prototype.

Research. If you haven't tested with users, how is it user-centric? Limited budget to test in person? Then use an online remote testing platform.

Storytelling. When presenting UX, take people on a journey and inform people of how users use the app. Don't focus on functionality. Witnessing a functionality presentation becomes tiresome very quickly.

Fight. Don't get into a fight over UI patterns or such; people want to have their say about UX, let them. "We can look into that idea…" and move on. Sometimes they will be correct.

Experience. Don't design experiences unless you work for Disney Theme Parks; create the flow between each point in the background.

Divergence. Look at other industries for ideas to build UX designs. Looking at sites from the same industry as your project is a great way to look the same as everyone else. 


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